Managing to Learn: The Use of the A3 Management Process

April 30-May 1, 2020 | Boston, MA
August 4-5, 2020 | Boston, MA

Join us for a 2-day, workshop where you will learn about the basic formats and uses of A3 as a management process. In addition to instruction, you’ll participate in small group discussions and exercises developed to give you experience in the three basic roles of the A3 process—Author/Owner, Responder, and Coach.

Attendees work in triads to experience the three basic roles: Author/Owner, Responder, and Coach.
  • Learn sound A3 thinking and management by following the stages of learning shared in Managing to Learn.
  • Develop your own eyes and ears to recognize effective A3 stories. You’ll be able to describe the problem-solving thinking that is required for each section of the A3 for the PDCA story it tells to be effective.
  • Create your own A3s using your own real problems. You’ll work in small groups to read, discuss, and evaluate each other’s A3s and then you’ll have the chance to coach each other, offering guidance on how to improve each other’s A3 stories.
  • Learn various forms and uses of the A3 process and explore how each form differs.
  • Learn about the role of A3 and the ways it can function as a tool in your organization.
Date(s)April 30-May 1, 2020 | August 4-5, 2020
Duration8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
LocationLean Enterprise Institute 27-43 Wormwood Street
Tower Point, Suite 410
Boston, MA 02210
Instructors Karen Gaudet
Deborah McGee
Cost$1,600 (Includes all materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks each day)