Coaching In The Moment: Meeting the Challenges of Productive, and Respectful, Coaching on the Run

Join us for a 1-day workshop on effective techniques for coaching employees through those “in-the-moment” learning opportunities that arise throughout the day.

This workshop is designed to provide the opportunity for you to learn:

  • Ways to respond to “brought-to” problems that help maintain safety, and trust and create a more engaging work environment
  • How to use humble inquiry to quickly grasp the situation of both the problem being presented and the thinking of the person presenting it as a basis for deciding how to coach
  • The importance of remembering that every coaching exchange is a relationship that usually does not end with the exchange
  • Techniques for managing the biggest challenge you’ll face in any coaching situation – your own tendency to respond instinctively
Cost$800* (Includes all materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks)

This workshop introduces you to simple techniques for effectively addressing the daily challenges of people needing your time and your ear, where coaching rather than just answering or solving their problems would lead your team members to improved skills and performance capabilities.

“Over time, how these unscheduled moments are handled helps to create the management environment in your company and determines the kind of relationship you have with other employees.”

Target Audience
Time-challenged managers and leaders who want to coach their employees, so they can be more self-sufficient.

To optimize your learning experience, we recommend attending or being familiar with the concepts presented in these two workshops prior to participating in this program.

On-Site Training
Interested in having us bring the workshop to your company?