Building a Lean Operating & Management System

December 10-11, 2019 | Boston, MA
Join us for a 2-day simulation-based workshop that will help you address critical business challenges more effectively by deepening your understanding of lean principles and tools and developing your problem solving skills.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the key lean principles and tools, and the business benefits of implementing lean
  • Experience a lean operating system and the interrelationship among various parts of the system.
  • Grasp integral lean concepts like flow, standard work, kaizen, takt, and pull systems
  • Develop skills to design and implement an effective and flexible lean operating system to adapt to changing business conditions
  • Understand the important role of management to continuously improve the performance of a lean operating system
Date(s)December 10-11, 2019
Duration2 days
LocationLean Enterprise Institute 27-43 Wormwood Street Tower Point, Suite 410 Boston, MA 02210

Masia Goodman

Jeff Smith

Cost$1600 (Includes all materials, breakfast, lunch and snacks)

This hands-on, simulation-based workshop is designed to help you achieve a deeper understanding of lean principles and tools and how to put them into action.

Through your participation, you’ll experience ways to improve on-time delivery, product quality, and operational flexibility through the development of a lean operating and management system. This will result in an operating system that provides more value to your customers and organization.

“This is a real-time, real-feedback experience… [that lets you] live your own learning.”

Target Audience
Managers, employees, and leadership teams who have a surface level understanding of key lean terms or experience with only a few concepts, who would like a deeper understanding of lean as a system.

To optimize your learning experience, we recommend attending or being familiar with the concepts presented in these two workshops prior to participating in this program.

On-Site Training
Interested in having us bring the workshop to your company?